Sailing Yacht Sail Repairs

We can help you repair and solve sailing yacht sail repairs and sailing gear problems with experienced sailmakers and fix your Spectra, Dacron Or Kevlar Sails, sailing problems onboard your sailing yacht.

performance sailing yacht sail repairs and Regatta experienced tailor made spectra, dacron or kevlar sails can radically improve your sailing performance and we would be more than happy to assist you with your custom built sails, according to your rigging system or repair of your used sails. as well as quality upholstery, Tents, shades, curtains and sun beds with durable sunbrella and ultraviolet resistant sailing yachts sail repairs upholstery materials.

Sailing Yachts Sail Repairs we can help you with your own design or idea renovations of sunbeds, seethrough shades, sun awnings, soft sunbed covers, curtains, carpets and linens, as well as any kind of upholstery sailing yacht sail repairs and reconditioning with high quality, fire retardant, stain proof,  washable, ultraviolet resistent fabrics in custom made designs with experienced tailors and very competitive prices.