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Yacht Painting and Yachts Technical Services

Makri Marine has more than 12 years of experience in yacht painting and yachts technical services marine painting and yacht painting and maintenance either classic wood or epoxy laminated, grp, aluminum or steel. We serve many yacht owners in wintering and maintenance. Here are some thoughts about antifouling.

Toxic paints are widely used all over the world since they are designed to be used in many circumstances. the range of products which we use in many kinds of yacht and motorboats, sailing types or speed boats. Our extensive experience in antifouling paint use for many years and almost all the other products, Comments from our many loyal and satisfied customers has shaped our experience. For your own individual requirements, you need to select the correct antifouling which is really important. Yacht painting services and grp boats all toxic paints are suitable to be applied to the body. – Yacht painting and yachts technical services

If applied to a bare grp hull, the first primer coat is necessary that we recommend you to take into consideration. For a single component system, we recommend using Primocon. a two-component epoxy primer or VC Tar II Gelshield Copper, aluminum-based non-toxic paints made from any material that can be applied to boats.

Meanwhile, Steel boats are not on the cover of the current toxic dye, you will need to implement the necessary primers. Yacht painting and yachts technical services. For a single component system, we recommend that you use Primocon. For a system of two-component epoxy primer, the type of coating is selected based on many factors, such as the state of the body and boat size aluminum primers are designed to produce an antifouling paint. Yacht painting and yachts technical services.

Trilux is designed specifically for use on aluminum boats. Trilux, although similar to other toxic paint, the cuprous oxide is not used. Trilux does not damage the aluminum and it comes with the formula which is designed specifically that contains Cuprous Thiocyanate. When applied as a primer on the body it makes a great surface, the perfect blending of resins and biocides in a Trilux antifouling protection is offered. Trilux comes in bright, sharp colors which are black and white.

Designed exclusively for use on aluminum slip Trilux In addition to GRP, wood, and other metals also can be applied on the boat. Yachts Technical Services. Most of the toxic paint needs wet sanding, washing with water and drying can be applied after being pre-coated with antifouling paint that can be applied directly on top of the primer. Antifouling performance in the overall implementation depends on the application film thickness. toxic paints designed for thick application viscosity, or thickness in order to ensure the best results. Thinning of an antifouling can reduce the properties and affect the protection longevity therefore not recommended. Most importantly, it depends on the film thickness of antifouling performance and, therefore, premature deterioration can be caused by thinning the antifouling which may adversely affect the antifouling performance.

Yacht painting and yachts technical services

Yacht Painting and Yachts Technical Services

Yachts Technical Services order to protect the body of the boat throughout the season to ensure adequate amounts of biocide antifouling paint be applied with the right amount of antifouling which is very important.

The amount of antifouling depends on the body shape and size of the boat. using the Paint Selector tool, and the amount you need to select the correct antifouling paint. Yacht painting and yachts technical services. Antifouling paint can be applied on any hard bronze. No primer is needed, but the best combination of surface preparation is required for the bronze. Bronze, metal, paint was applied directly to the propellers.

However, before the application of the antifouling, the metal must be cleaned and polished. The etching process is performed should be careful because the etching can cause imbalance by changing the shape of propellers. Yacht painting and yachts technical services.