Gulets For Sale

Turkish built gulets for sale can be rigged as ketch, yawl, sloop or as equal masted schooner and their silhouettes are always very distinctive from the rest of the modern day sailing yachts, with their traditional or radical design and high quality craftmanship. which can be seen by anyone who is a seaman or simply sailing yacht enthusiast can understand the distinctive aestethics of gulet.

The leading gulets for sale designers and modern yacht building companies impose high quality standards led by Istanbul, antalya, fethiye, marmaris and Bodrum boatyards where traditional Gulet lines are appreciated and even surpassed by modern day gulet builders.

recently preferred yacht building material steel and aluminium hull construction has been accepted and appreciated by most buillders for ease of maintanence and sea worthiness and steel hull gulets for sale has taken the international markets by storm and more and more commercial charter comppanies are replacing their gulets with steel and. or aluminium hull gulets due to their durability, strength and ease of maintanence …

Steel hull gulet for sale are mostly preferred by sailing enthusiasts and commercial charter companies where steel hull gulets offer more space and strengtened when compared to classical or traditional carvel planking or epoxy laminated wooden hull gulets. recently Turkish built gulets for sale are designed by successfull Naval architects and engineers offering world class quality luxury gulet for sale.